Clever Newspaper Ad Disguises A 3D Kitchen in the Classifieds

I can count on my hand the number of times a newspaper has drawn my attention recently. Don’t go judging me too quickly. I get constant news updates on my social feed and the news media websites. However, today I stumbled across an article in AdWeek that showcased this brilliant conceptually based newspaper ad that made me look twice …check it out below.

Clever Newspaper Ad Disguises A 3D Kitchen in the Clasifieds 3

If it wasn’t readily apparent to you yet, no worries, I can explain. Hidden within this fake classifieds section of a Colombian newspaper lies a three dimensional layout of a kitchen. It is right in the middle. Focus your attention there and I guarantee you will see it. The tagline at the bottom of the ad reads : The kitchen you are imagining is in HiperCentro Corona in Spanish.

Most of the time when we see newspaper advertisements, it is saturated with just copy or a visual with a vague headline. This advertisement takes away all those preconceived notions and revolutionizes the way we can interpret and be aware of this advertisement. If you only looked at with a quick glance, the ad may not have resonated with you as much. But, if you chose to look at it more closely, it grabs your attention because it is so unexpected and out there. That is precisely why it is effective. When you look at it closely , you almost question whether you are really seeing a layout of a kitchen.

This illusion was achieved through applying 3-D effects to the text within the advertisement. This came from a newspaper ad in Columbia. It was created by Mr. Felipe Salazar, Director of Creative Copy at Sancho BBDO in Columbia. This advertisement is a living testament to the immense creativity that exists in different countries.

Que Viva Colombia!!!

Stay Curious,

Clever Newspaper Ad Disguises A 3D Kitchen in the Clasifieds 2

Clever Newspaper Ad Disguises A 3D Kitchen in the Clasifieds 1

[ via Adweek & Felipe Salazar ]

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