Coca-Cola Creates The Ultimate Freshman Student Icebreaker

The first day of school is always hard. Feeling alone, separated and lonely. It’s a time where you’re not sure where you fit and are eager to make some new friends!

Enter Coca-Cola’s ‘Friendly Twist’, a refrigerator full of cold bottles of Coca-Cola with a very unique cap. The cap cannot be opened by itself. The cap can only be opened when paired with another bottle cap. Coca-cola’s Friendly Twist bottle cap forced students to find another person, start a conversation, and ultimately open the refreshment.

What a fun solution to getting freshmen together to enjoy Coca-Cola. What do you think?

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist 1 Coca-Cola Friendly Twist 2 Coca-Cola Friendly Twist 3 Coca-Cola Friendly Twist 4


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