Coca-Cola’s Mini Kiosk Is Absolutely Adorable

Despite being an enormous multi-national, billion-dollar company, Coca-Cola has really distinguished itself with small-scale guerrilla marketing. They have prioritised the localised customer experience with a series of happiness focused stunts, which thanks to smart filming and social marketing have gone viral globally. Well, it doesn’t get much more small-scale than with one of their most recent campaigns, The Mini Kiosk and its new product the 150ml mini can.

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There’s something about tiny things, and tiny versions of things, that make our brains go into adorable overdrive. Coca-Cola has capitalized on this in a way we can’t even be impressed at, because we’re too busy gushing about it. Coca-Cola, in conjunction with Ogilvy & Mather Berlin, spread mini kiosks were around Berlin that contained tiny little baked goods, miniature reading materials and a bitty vending machine for the mini cans. Ironically, the kiosk operators were normal-sized, and sitting on the floor. Perhaps Coca-Cola’s equality and diversity division warned them over little salespeople? We may never know, but for something so small, this campaign looks like it has big things ahead.

Unexpectedly Small

We personally think that one of the reasons this campaign works so well is it runs opposite so the stereotype that people hold against Coca-Cola as a massive company worried only about the bottom line. We consider companies like Coke to run nationwide television campaigns that feature famous celebrities, enormous billboards and generally overwhelming advertising. But lately Coca-Cola has been doing exactly the opposite, and in challenging this idea in such a subtle way (by simply going about their advertising following a guerrilla marketing concept) they’re actually effectively working to change it.

Now, when people think of Coca-Cola they think of the Happiness campaigns, which have achieved an impressive level of engagement via viral sharing. Considering the relatively low cost of producing campaigns such as this (especially for a company like Coca-Cola, and particularly in comparison to nationwide advertising), this is value for money as well as bonus points for their brand recognition and customer loyalty.

The Little Things In Life

The basic premise of this campaign is that “It’s the little things in life that make us happy”. This cleverly connects the mini can product with Coca-Cola’s overall slogan so seamlessly we’re wondering if this is a legitimate product or just a marketing stunt. Whatever it is, we’re loving how this motto ties in with the product, the video, the concept and the brand. It definitely portrays Coca-Cola as one of those little enjoyments, and also something that will make us happy in our day to day lives, a smart connection to our emotional subconscious.

Details Are Key

As with any guerrilla marketing campaign, the details of the Mini Kiosk campaign are what sets it apart from inferior and less thought out campaigns with similar ideas. You have to give it to Coca-Cola, they really do have impeccable levels of detail. Each of the kiosks is slightly different, each with tiny minute additions that make them all so amazing for people walking past. From the video they look so normal sized (to scale) that in the initial few seconds we were sure they were. That is an amazing level of detail from the constructors of this campaign, and shows that Coca-Cola’s team had a fully formed idea that they’re brought to life perfectly.

It’s also a strong step in a different direction to their previous campaigns which have been all about technology and machine/person interactivity as found in their vending machine and drone campaigns. By comparison the Mini Kiosk seems so simple and doesn’t even involve free product, but the Mini Kiosk vending machines sold an incredible 380 cans per day on average. With an increase of more than 270% on their normal vending machines, it looks like those little details made this campaign a big success.

The Coca-Cola Mini Kiosk 1 The Coca-Cola Mini Kiosk 2 The Coca-Cola Mini Kiosk 3

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