Coca-Cola Continues to Spread Happiness with “Friendship Machine”

Coca-Cola has been running some amazing campaigns such as the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck and the old Happiness Machine campaign. Coca-Cola planted the machines in Argentina last August to celebrate International Friendship Day. The machine has been reported to be about 12 feet tall and encourages people to ask a friend for a boost in order to get the two for one deal.

This campaign is reminiscent of the previous Coca-Cola campaigns where they spread happiness by random acts of kindness in various cities.

The program plays off of Coke’s “Happiness Machine” viral video of 2010, which shows a Coke machine spitting out free soda and pizzas to a group of delighted students. Coke also updated that idea in February with a “Happiness Truck” video that features a Coca-Cola truck giving out Cokes along with surfboards, beach toys and sunglasses.

PepsiCo responded to Coke’s experiments this week with a real-life vending machine that let you gift free Pepsis to friends and strangers via a text message.

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