Coca-Cola Comes Back With The Happiness Machine for Couples

This past Valentine’s day, Coca-Cola installed a very special vending machine inside one of the most crowded shopping malls in Istanbul.

Coca-Cola has been piggybacking off of their original marketing campaign, the “Happiness Machine.” The drink company initially started the campaign by putting a vending machine in a college university. The vending machine would pass out free coca-cola, food and toys. With the huge success and viral nature of this campaign, they continued to to Spread Happiness with “Friendship Machine.”

The marketing campaign has been a huge success and always gains media coverage. Most recently with the help of agency, C-Section, they’ve created a new vending machine that helps spread love!

This special coca-cola machine was remotely operated and would only dispense drinks if couples proved their love (such as sneaking a kiss). A brilliant marketing campaign because it allowed them to capture video of couples expressing their love to one another. The campaign has only strengthened their brand position and “lovemark“.

Well done Coca-Cola!

9 Replies to “Coca-Cola Comes Back With The Happiness Machine for Couples”

  1. Cute. Could be totally staged. Not sure it had much impact. The mall was slow and you give zero stats on the project. How many couples. Will they now switch from Pepsi. Coke needs 2 billion people drinking Coke each year. They need 100,000 of these machines around the world for a serious campaign like this to impact.

  2. Stop being dumb. It’s the same brand. The had great success with the happiness machine which promoted teamwork. So they did a new version for couples. 

  3. Sure, in the mall probably only had a few thousand people at most. But google “happiness machine for couples”. One Youtube video has over 50k hits, plus the countless blogs like this one that have posted it. I think they garnered enough impact for something as simple as a rigged coke machine.

    simple, smart, well executed, highly successful for what it is. Keep in mind it’s not a multimillion dollar international campaign. It was probably a small ask of one european cities Coke marketing director.

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