Coca-Cola’s Facebook Engagement Strategy

Coca-Cola’s Facebook Engagement Strategy

By now you’ve probably noticed a lot of brands switching over to the new Facebook Timeline design. Some companies such as Coca-Cola will be trying some new engagement strategy.

Coca-Cola has figured out a new and creative way to engage its 40+ million Facebook fans by asking riddles. The riddles ended up leading the user to a ‘secret’ URL where the user could interact and enjoy a creative flash ‘game’.

The company began running fill-in-the-blank style riddles such as: “Even if they pop I smile. It’s no secret why.The soapy rainbow swirls are magic to my eye. I love looking up at clouds, And blowing_ _ _ _ _ _ _inthe_ _”

It was a great way to get the user interacting with the page. The riddles led the user to one of four animations.

1) A Beach Bonfire Facebook Riddle

It’s warm and sandy, right under your feet
By this crackling fire, good friends will meet.
Fun music is played, by women and men
You’ll think to yourself, “When can we do this again?”
There’s nothing more that I desire,
Than hanging out at A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com – Musical bottles in front of a bonfire.


2) Blowing Bubbles In The Sky Riddle

Even if they pop I smile,
It’s no secret why.
The soapy rainbow swirls,
Are magic to my eye.
I love looking up at clouds,
And blowing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the _ _ _ .com – A delightful animation where you look up into the sky and blow bubbles.


3) Falling Dominos

Set them up row after row
Knock them down and watch them go
It’s a toy that the whole world knows
The simple joy of F _ ll _ _ _ D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .com – A fun animation that provides a glorious 40-second display of toppling dominos.

4) The Final Riddle

“The opposite of a frown, Turns a bad day upside-down. // There are more than a million, // And less than a trillion. // So many people with so many styles,// You can be part of the O _ _ B _ _ _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _ .com

Which one was your favorite?

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Executive Creative Directors: Eric QuennoyMark Bernath
Creative Directors: Eric QuennoyMark Bernath
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Copywriters: Daniel MaxwellIvan Cash
Planner: Amanda Feve
Digital Producer: Arnaud Ronquillo
Project Manager: Emma Williamson
Creative Developer: Hugo Dechesne
Global Senior Brand Manager: AJ Brunstein

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