Coke Zero Brings Out The 007 In You

For an exclusive change to win tickets to the new 007 movie, Skyfall, Coke Zero placed a unique vending machine that was activated by people buying Coke Zero. The moment the person accepts the mission, the challenger is shown a countdown timer with only 70 seconds on the clock.

The mission is to get to platform 6 in under 70 seconds. It’s not easy task as the marketing team hired people to become obstacles. Watch as several people dodge falling oranges, dog walkers and blockades in order to have a chance to win tickets to the new film.

Would you go the extra mile?

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  • mgcabral

    Brilliant! It makes you feel as if you were in the movie… very well done. But, I don’t know, the people on the mission and all, they look kind of fake/fixed, is it real?? Thanks for sharing!

  • what

    Yeah what would be more interesting is to know whether it has been staged or not.

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