Computer Desktop Background Changes Based on How Many Pages You Print

What if you could increase your environmental impact straight through your desktop? If you’re looking for an encouragement to become more aware about important environmental issues, then Green Nation found a great way to help you.

Whether we are informed or not, there are thousands of trees that are cut down every day, in order to meet our demands for paper that keep increasing. This leads to a huge environmental problem that only gets bigger with our ignorance, and possibly our inability to realise that we could all tackle with it. As we are lost in our routine, we tend to forget how our habits affect the ecosystem, leading to irreversible problems.

Green Nation: Deforested Desktop

Green Nation has created “Deforested Desktop” in order to serve as the perfect reminder for the paper waste on every office and how this affects a forest. By installing this app on your computer’s desktop, you are able to monitor how your paper printing actually impacts a forest and what it’s like printing one, ten, or fifty pages.

Green Nation: Deforested Desktop

The more you print, the more you deforest, which is something that not all of us realise as we actually print a page, which could even be avoided at some cases. As you print, the trees on your computer’s desktop are reduced, representing their actual cut down and the massive environmental impact. Thus, a visual representation of your impact to the environment helps you to realise that even your own contribution is enough to maintain the problem.

Green Nation: Deforested Desktop

Deforested Desktop has already been installed in some of the 50 largest companies in the country, impacting thousands of people everyday and it is estimated that by the end of 2015 it will be running in more than 1,000 companies, reminding millions of office workers what they easily forget:

“What happens on your desktop, happens in nature. Think before you print.”

Green Nation: Deforested Desktop

Green Nation’s campaign was both interesting and successful, sparking more interest between Internet users that wanted to contribute as much as possible, in order to be part of a better world.

It promotes:

  • awareness of responsible paper use
  • reduction in the need of reforestation areas
  • corporate social responsibility
  • corporate cost reduction


Green Nation’s initial goal was to change our behaviour regarding sustainability, adapting our lifestyle and increasing our awareness and it seems that they find the right way to do so.

In the era of social media and a united world, people love to be part of a bigger community, caring for global issues and feeling the need to take on their own responsibility. Maybe we just need a reminder from time to time!

If you’re interested to download Deforested Desktop, visit their site.


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Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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