Creative Billboard Mimics Facebook Page In An Inventive Way to Find Children

There’s no greater fear for a parent than losing their child and to have to live with the worry of whether or not they will see them again. To help combat this serious issue, the German agency, thjnk, created a series optical illusion billboards that project the image of a missing child into the background of the city scenery. Coupled with a great filmic style and a billboard installation that bears a great similarity to a Facebook page, the invention is quite brilliant.

To get this campaign going, the agency first had to have television screens set up on the streets of Hamburg in such a way so as to not disrupt the evocative film. As strangers made their way through the Hamburg streets, their eyes set on the large billboard and upon closer inspection, the images of the children missing are also apparent on the smaller screens. This element is unique and effective in that it allows for the public to feel more involved in the mission to find and save these children but also allowing them to see what these children go through.

Given the popularity of this campaign, there are already plans set in motion to have more of these installations placed in different parts of the country in an effort promote “Deutschland findet euch.” Placing these installations in different parts of the country will hopefully move more people to become more actively involved in the ongoing effort to help find these missing children.

The campaign was created to serve as extension and companion to the company’s Facebook page, “Deutschland findet euch,” which translates to “Germany Finds You,” which had the influence and expertise of ScreenLab and the Effective Team.

This campaign is an excellent example of the marriage between creative advertising, making advertising for the people and for the greater good. Too often we see incredibly creative forms of advertising that are just aimed at selling a product. Here we have a creative piece filled with depth and meaning and that serves as a beacon of hope for all the missing children of the world and their parents.

What a beautiful and evocative campaign.

For more information, please visit:

Missing Children Facebook Campaign 1 Missing Children Facebook Campaign 2

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