Creative Use of Facebook Timeline for Anti-Drug Campaign

Creative Use of Facebook Timeline for Anti Drug Campaign Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Here lives Adam Barak, a young gentleman with a huge life choice. You see, he lives a double life. In one lifetime, he has a beautiful girlfriend, a well paying job and tons of friends. In a different lifetime he lives by himself next to a dumpster, wakes up every morning living the worst day of his life and has no friends. The difference here? Drugs.

The Israel Anti-Drug Authority recently created a really creative Facebook Timeline campaign that utilizes the new format to tell a very interesting story. The Facebook profile is designed to show a complete split in his “Timeline”. On the left side of his profile, it depicts the life of Adam when he is using drugs. On the right side, it shows his life without. It’s quite the different story. The campaign is genius because it’s built so it seems like it could be you or a friend. Recently we did an article on creative Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. At this top of this profile it reads, “Drugs Set Your Timeline. A year with. A year without.”

Truly remarkable creative!

**UPDATE: The campaign violated Facebook policy and was taken offline.

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