Creative Ambient Advertising Goes Green

You’re walking down the street and you come across an octopus! But wait, this isn’t a real octopus, its a water stencil advertisement. Companies such as Fresh Green Ads have been trying to eliminate the carbon footprint that more traditional marketing and advertising methods leave behind. According to Fresh Green Ads, “Conventional ways of advertising often use large quantities of resources such as paper, water and ink, which all have a negative impact on the environment. With FRESH GREEN ADS© we have gathered several ways of advertising that are all non harmful to the environment. In our portfolio you will find such methods as crop advertising, sand advertising, ice advertising, water drop advertising, clean advertising and raincampaign.”

Here are some amazing unconventional marketing techniques that are completely green friendly!

Rain Advertising

raincampaign sea life 2raincampaign sea life 1

Sand Advertising

Sand Advertising Example

Beach'n Billboard

Clean Advertising – Street Washing


Water Drop Advertising

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  1. Whether these are “Green” or not is somewhat irrelevant to the fact that they are very cool ways to promote something. I think my favorite is the “Clean Marketing”.

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