Creatively Shedding Light on the Issue of Domestic Violence

Much too often within the advertising industry or rather within the communications arena altogether, we neglect to focus on the desires and needs for the consumers. It is common for us to see professionals get so seduced with the allure of winning clients and beating out the competition that they forget they need to take heed of the other consumer cues that reflect their true nature. As advertisers, we should not only aim to sell but to inform, move and instill an indelible impact on the lives of those we seek to reach everyday. This creative piece of advertising is an excellent example.

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Domestic violence is a prevalent issue throughout the world. It is truly the silent killer. The victim lives in constant fear of losing their life, their financial security and secure footing if they divulge the madness that occurs behind closed doors. While many social cause campaigns focus on the plight of the battered women, the children who grow up in these harrowing environments are often not acknowledged in these specific campaigns. Oftentimes, children whether or not they are abused alongside with their mother, suffer the most mentally and emotionally within this cycle of violence. If they are fortunate enough to get the help they need, they stand a chance at being able to overcome it. Not all children are this fortunate. Witnesses to the ongoing violence live in constant conflict of saving a life or betraying someone’s trust. And above all, children who see the violence day to day live in perpetual fear of losing their family and divulging this deadly secret.

To focus on this issue, UNICEF, created a series of cut out billboards aimed at redirecting the focus to the point of view of children that grow up in these abusive environments. The technology used for this billboard is fairly simple backed by a great concept. During the day, the billboard shows a child crouched in a corner protecting their face. As the day draws to a close, a small cutout that is seemingly invisible to the human eye projects the figure of an adult raising their hand as if to strike the child. The shadow that expands from the cutout is the true genius behind the advertisement. It shows the reality of abused children that is often hidden in plain sight.

Showcasing messages like this is what will help the issue of domestic violence continue to improve. This was evocative, strategic, creative and informative all at once. It allows for the public to see the dark truth behind abuse that many of us cannot see. It was especially significant for me because I was once one of these children. In my youth, ads like these didn’t exist and I wish they did. Thank you UNICEF for your continued work and effort in making the world a better place.

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Written by Priscilla Dominguez

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