The Most Delicious Billboard Is Made Entirely of Cake

There are so many things to love about innovation in the marketing industry, but we wonder if any of that innovation is as delicious as Mr. Kipling’s recent billboard stunt. The stunt is one which, like several other’s we’ve seen looking to create a new perspective on billboard advertising, really succeeds in making a statement, and getting the audience drooling about the product.

And just how do they do that?

By making it out of cake.

The Campaign

With the help of professional food artist Michelle Wibowo, Mr. Kipling and their agency JWT London created a billboard in London made of 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes. The billboard took months of planning, and hours to assemble, before it was summarily consumed by the many interested pedestrians passing by. Yet this gargantuan act of crafty cake construction had a surprisingly simple message: Life Is Better With Cake.

Deliciously Smart Campaigning

There are so many confectionary and snack food companies in today’s age that the real mission is not simply proving that you exist, but capturing the attention and interest of your audience. Mr. Kipling have worked to do this in the past by running a slightly similar campaign where randomly dispersed machines gave out up to 500 Mr. Kipling cakes a day. Now, that generosity was rewarded with lines of people, lots of media impressions and a big impact, so it should surprise nobody that the company was keen to repeat it.

However, the sheer size of the billboard has stepped up Mr. Kipling’s campaign from interesting use of their products, to food artwork, and although the campaign is still in its sharing infancy, it looks like the spread could be viral.

Why It Works

There are a couple of reasons this campaign really works, both for the people that were there to see it on the ground, and for those who drooled over it online. . The first reason is because of its unusualness, and the novelty of it. Sure, there are all kinds of different billboards, but the fact that every single part of the Mr. Kipling board, from the background to the writing, it totally edible, is a pretty cool feat.

Another reason this campaign works really well, and probably one of the smarter aspects of it, is that it’s a billboard that gives something back to the customer. In the current age, the public is bombarded with advertisement everywhere they go; it’s all around them, in all forms of media. Almost all of this advertising pushes a singular message, but the Mr. Kipling advertisement gives something back too. In this way, it breaks through the barrier that people build around them to advertisement, making the message much stronger, and much more effective.

Changing The Face of Billboards?

Billboards are still a useful medium for advertisement, although the growing world of online media means that consumers want to see more interesting marketing ideas executed by brands than simply putting up a billboard. The Mr. Kipling cake billboard is a good example of how a brand is bringing the social participation of the modern society, with the slightly older form of advertising found on billboards.

Although we don’t expect to be taste-testing many more billboards in the near future, we also won’t be forgetting this one any time soon.

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