30 Creative Examples of Ambient Advertising by Denver Water

I recently discovered Denver Water and all the creative ambient advertising they are doing to inform customers about the dangers of water overuse. This company has used many forms of ambient and alternative advertising to get their message across. Everything from creative billboards to oversized fire hydrants. Check out all the wonderful marketing this agency has done and let us know which one is your favourite by commenting below!

Denver Water: Water hydrants

Denver Water: BenchesDenver Water: Newspaper box Denver Water: Hose Denver Water: Big hairDenver Water: Unibrow Denver Water: BeardDenver Water: TandemDenver Water: Sprinkler brain_3 Denver Water: Why trashDenver Water: PicassoDenver Water: Used to be

Denver Water: BarrelsDenver Water: Conveyor belt

Denver Water: Bus

Written by Ryan Lum

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