Digital Subway Hair Product Ad Reacts to Arriving Trains

A new type of digital billboard is on the prowl. It’s smart. It’s unique. It’s interactive.

Dead are the ways of putting up a billboard that is static and doesn’t react to the surroundings. Apotek, a swedish pharmacy brand, partnered with Swedish agency, Åkestam Holst, to create a unique digital billboard ad that reacted whenever a subway train arrived. The billboard featured a lovely young woman whose hair blew in the wind upon the arrival of a subway train. Once the train made it’s stop, the branded messaging appears on the billboard.

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The tagline: Make your hair come alive.

Viral Video Results

The video was published on February 25th and in 2 days had over 498,000 views. The number of plays on the video tripled overnight and had a lot of publications buzzing about this unique digital billboard.

[ via The Atlantic Cities ]

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