Evian Creates A Playground Everyone Can Enjoy!

It’s a photo submission contest. That’s the gist of the Evian campaign. What sets is apart is the subject of the photos they are asking for, it’s photos of people being childish or reliving childhood memories.

The Concept

Evian has always been about purity and simplicity. The best way to translate this to our lives is by going back to the simplicity of our childhood and indulging to the whims of our childish inner selves.

For the whole month of January, Evian is encouraging people to do something childlike or fun or crazy. This could be something as simple as Rock, Papers, Scissors or dressing up in polka dots or flying kites. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it is fun.

The intention is to make people celebrate themselves, their inner selves to be exact.

Evian Creates A Playground Everyone Can Enjoy! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

London, January 2013

Offline Integration

The whole campaign is actually housed on Facebook. However, Evian knows that they need to create a more intimate venue. They need to bring Evian to the customers and avoid being perceived as a brand who resorts to the easy way out like Facebook.

That is why they created the Evian playground.

The centerpiece is a pink swing. When people swing, it triggers a snow machine. The more people swing, the more snow falls. Anyone is free to use the swing and almost everyone who has seen did use the swing.

The Result

The campaign is still ongoing but the results so far has been beyond great. Hundreds of thousands of people have submitted their photos and the images are beyond great.

Activities vary from hiding and dancing on top of the mountain to eating 20 different cupcakes in one day. What is better, however, is the expression on the faces of the people on the photos. It perfect captures the sheer joy that Evian wants to stand for.

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Then there’s the swing, a simple but compelling device to get your market to interact with you.

Evian Creates A Playground Everyone Can Enjoy! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Evian Creates A Playground Everyone Can Enjoy! Guerrilla Marketing Photo

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