How far would you queue for Fantastic Delites Curls?

Back in 2012 Delites ran a very successful campaign, achieving what most guerrilla campaigns can only dream of: viral sharing. To date it has received almost 3 million views, and now they’re trying to do it again. In their new campaign, running off the same idea of “How Far Would You Go For Fantastic Delites?“, the company has set up four free Delites Curls counters in various locations (including an ice rink and on a lake) to test the theory again. The difference this time is not that participants have to do various menial tasks, but that they have to wait in queues that are either incredibly long, or totally unmanageable. Check the video out for yourself.

The Idea

The idea behind the How Far Would You Queue campaign really has nothing to do with the actual product. It’s all about the experience. After all, Delites snacks are hardly a hit on the wallet, they retail for just over AUD$2. Not really worth cracking your coccyx on the ice for when you think about it. But the experience of participating is where this campaign really hits its stride.

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The interesting thing about the campaign is they have taken something that most people don’t just dislike, but actively detest, queueing, and made it into an ironically entertaining and community experience. All those people in the line at the mall were waiting for something they could have easily walked into a shop and purchased. Why? Because they’ll have the story. Ditto for the ice rink, and super ditto for the lake. Who doesn’t want to have that great story to tell someone? “Man,” they’ll say, “You wouldn’t believe what I had to do for these Delites!”

How It Could Have Backfired

There are two levels to social experiments: useful and entertaining, and cruel. To be quite honest, aspects of this Delites campaign were starting to border on the cruel, and watching it it was easy to see just how it might have seriously backfired. Making people wait is harmless fun, and when you think about it people are probably going to fall over at an ice rink regardless of whether they’re trying to navigate a maze of line dividers (even the fake bouncer couldn’t keep his feet). But the lake was a step too far. It was what the internet might call trolling, and as the ad reaches the masses this part of it does leave them wide open for a whole lot of criticism.

And the side of the shopping mall? That has staged written all over it, and as far as guerrilla marketing goes, that kind of thing is a big no no.

So Does It Work?

Even though it certainly could have been thought out a little more, with regards to customer respect, Delites might just make this work for them. After all, they have a history of embarrassing their customers in the ads, and they’re gone down quite well (with most people finding fault with the lemming participants instead of the company). Certainly we’re interested to see how this goes in the public sphere.

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