For Bulgaria with less salt!

“For Bulgaria with less salt” is national cause to restrict the use of salt in the daily menu of the Bulgarians of brand Sachi. The initiative is titled “To Bulgaria with less salt” and the results are from annual surveys and practices of nutrition in the EU and Bulgaria, and the needs of customers of “Sachi” – the brand now offers the first ever series of meat products by up to 30% * less salt. The product series “Sachi Good for You” includes turkey ham, turkey and chicken sausage. The start of the cause was given with a giant saltern in front of the Ministry of Health. It represents the amount of salt that Bulgaria could save if you choose only one day with a little salt. Anyone can make their own choices on the ‘Sachi Good for You”on Facebook page. The saltern will collect information from all users on Facebook page who have chosen their day with a less salt. The giant saltern will pour into the tank as much as Bulgaria says it will save.

What do you think about this campaign?

Written by Zhana Yordanova

She is Marketing & PR and Senior Editor: eMarketing at Loves advertising, guerilla and viral marketing and of course Rock music. Follow her on LinkedIn.

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