Four Often-Overlooked, Effective Marketing Strategies

It is a near-necessity for every small business owner, blogger or anyone else trying to grow their name to establish Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. But all the social media in the world will not net the results you seek if its not part of a broader strategy for your enterprise. In the old days, business card printing and a yellow pages listing meant you were well on your way to establishing a presence in the business world. Multimedia platforms and smartphones have changed the game in 2013. There are several clever, yet often ignored strategies that can be utilized for just about any enterprise to increase sales, generate more leads and grow your brand. And the good news is that most of them are either very cheap or free.

Multi-Location Advertising

Matthew Harding, aka “Dancing Matt” has set a pretty high standard for those wanting to make marketing videos featuring themselves or their products in various locations. Spring break travel agencies, apparel sellers and even software developers could benefit from having individuals in different, interesting locations hold up signs with a slogan or logo. features individual who will promote your product or service in front of historical monuments or other enchanting places for $5. The photos or videos can be used to give your business a global, diverse quality in a broader campaign to get your name out there.

Guest Posts

Write blogs for websites that cater to your target audience. A massage therapist, for instance, can offer her expertise on a weight-training or exercise website. Of course, the blog entry can link back to your homepage or a social media account so those who are interested can learn more about you. Simply find websites that cater to your demographic, and follow its guest-post guidelines.


Podcasts create a convenient way to interview expert guests. Those who are influential in a particular field generally will not have time to write a 500-word unique blog post for your website. It is far more likely they’ll be available for a 10- to 15-minute phone call which you can record, transcribe and post to your website. Add a quick introduction to the beginning and the finish product is ready for posting. Free audio-editing software like Audacity or pre-installed applications like GarageBand (for Mac users) can be used for any fine-tuning you may want to do.

Syndicated Radio Advertising

People 35 years of age and younger are increasingly using streaming radio services like iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify to satisfy their musical appetites, according to a study by NPD Group. Though this trend takes a bite out of the potential return on investment for terrestrial radio advertising, the 36-and-up demographic still gets 41 percent of their music from AM/FM radio. You could spend thousands of dollars on radio ads, which would be well worth it because it would expose your brand to tens of thousands of potential customers. Some syndicated shows charge as little as $35 per 30-second spot. Make a modern and unique radio spot for more exposure. Find shows you want to advertise on, and inquire with the producer.

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