Free KFC Meal in Romania When Social Media Is Down!

We all hate finding out that our favourite social networks are down, whether it’s a minute, or an hour. Some of us even head to another social network to post about our distress from the Fear Of Missing Out. That’s when KFC Romania thought of the campaign “Don’t Panic Man.”

Indeed, there’s no need to panic when your favourite social network is down, but how do you really get distracted from the effects of F.O.M.O. you’re going through? Well, if you’re in Romania you can enjoy a free KFC meal! “Don’t Panic Man” was created by KFC along with MRM agency, as a way to compensate us for any ‘social media outage’ that occasionally leads to stress, reminding us that there are better things to do until you access again your favourite social network.

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

Thus, every time Romanians notice that their favourite social platform is down (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc), they can visit the special site by KFC (, which is responsible for the validation of the problem on the social network. Once it tests that it’s down, the users are provided with a special code for a free KFC meal.

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

The catch is that the promotion for the free meal only lasts while the social network is still down, which means that there are times that you really need to hurry up, in order to enjoy a free KFC meal. This creates a need of urgency that pushes you to visit your closest KFC store, while it also manages to help you associate your favourite social networks with the popular brand, in a way to seek for your free KFC meal every time a social outage occurs.

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

KFC and MRM created a very original and clever campaign that takes advantage of our social addiction and our constant need to be connected, as a way to extend this connection to their own brand, in a simple, but also effective way. Moreover, they tried to bring the fun element to their campaign, by mocking our F.O.M.O, with the media covering every social media outage as part of their breaking news. This lighter and entertaining approach, combined with the smart campaign, led to great results, which were presented once again in a fun way, referring to TV news once again and the fact that the campaign was not covered by any of them.

Free KFC meal in Romania when social media is down!

However, the campaign was still a success, as they dealt during the first month with the social outages of Tinder, Twitter, iTunes, Yahoo Mail, and Tinder again, which led to a 30% raise in traffic compared to an average day. That’s the ultimate goal for a brand, isn’t it?


Client: KFC Romania
Agency: MRM//McCann Romania
Chief Creative Officer: Nir Refuah
Copywriter: Cristina Tatar, Maria Teodorof
Art Director: Vlad Macarie
Client Manager: Gina Zgubea
Programming: Alexandra Visan

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.


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