The Future of Guerrilla Marketing In a Digital World

When we think of Guerrilla Marketing, some of the associations that come to mind are unconventional, energetic, surprising, socially involved and intended to leave a lasting impression. But what does that mean exactly? From my research and involvement within the topic I have coined my own definition for this particular form of publicity and advertising: Guerrilla Marketing is an alternate and unconventional form of advertising that combines the elements of shock, involvement and unconventional wrapped up with a strategic intent. Throughout the rest of my discussion, I will be going through successful guerrilla advertising done by brands, what made each stand out and how their success and concepts can be incorporated in future attempts at guerrilla marketing.

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The Curious Case of McDonald’s

Creative advertisements are not the primary thoughts that pop into our mind when we think of McDonald’s. What does come to mind are burgers, fries and shakes. Contrary to popular belief, the golden arches are more than fast food; the brand is also famous for doing creative outdoor/guerrilla advertising. As illustrated in the presentation, McDonald’s has been able to transcend the stigma of other typical fast food print and television in creating executions that involve designs that engage the audience in a whole new way.

In the first example shown here, we see the iconic McDonald’s fries packaging set as a light installation extending the separate yellow lights to project infinitely into the skies to signify the french fries. This tactic is genius because it positions an iconic nostalgic memory and association that comes to mind when we think of those french fries and McDonald’s. To advertise , their always hot and fresh coffee,  McDonald’s did two alternate forms of outdoor/guerrilla showcasing a cup over a steam vent and another connected to a coffee pot in the air. Again this element of simplicity, surprise and lasting impression is conveyed.

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Why all of those outdoor/guerrilla ads worked:

  • Out of the box unorthodox
  • Not the typical coffee ad or tv spot
  • If you saw this on your way home you would want to stop and look and take pictures
  • Its shocking because it’s so unexpected
  • Revolutionizes the marketing of food


The Oreo Takeover

To conclude their infamous Daily Twist campaign, Oreo’s agency of record 360i and FCB’s creative department worked in the middle of Time Square to create the last execution: commemoration the first high five. This execution was brought on by the influence of the fans and consumer across the brand’s social networking sites. To see more about the event, take a look here.

Why the Oreo Campaign was successful

  • Different
  • Captivated people’s attention
  • Nostalgic
  • Online
  • Strong Cultural Associations
  • Awards

Written by Priscilla Dominguez

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