Giving Dogs a Voice Using QR Codes

Giving Dogs a Voice Using QR Codes Guerrilla Marketing Photo
If you’ve ever been to San Joaquín, Chile, you might notice stay dogs roaming the streets. The mayor of San Joaquín decided to offer a special “service” on the government website where they offer to kill these dogs.

That’s where the Fundadora Proanimal Chile comes in. The Fundadora Proanimal Chile hired agency Satvia to create a social movement where the people can participate to dismiss the mayor of San Joaquin who is responsible for the killings.

In this campaign, they placed QR codes around these dogs so that onlookers could scan their tags and see what was going on. The tags read, “In San Joaquin they are killing us” and “Quit Sergio Echeverria” (Sergio is the Mayor of that state).

When the tags were scanned, it brought up a letter that was written in the voice of the dog. It also contained a link to a video where people could see what was happening.

Dirección Creativa & Producción: @sativa_cl
Agencia: Mayo Digital
Cliente: Patricia Cocas – Fundadora Proanimal Chile
Descarga nuestro collar:

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  • Maja

    I do think it’s a creative approach and a moving cause, but I have to question the willingness of people to approach random dogs in the streets in order to get close enough to scan the tags. I for one would be cautious.

  • Ryan Lum

    Very true! I know I’d be a tad hesitant if a dog looked vicious.

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