Great Guerrilla Advertising

Simple and yet brilliant guerilla ads that guarantee a buzz. With a good idea, you don’t need a big budget to make yourself known or promote your brand.

guerilla all you can eat

All you can eat motorway rest stop at the entrance in a tunnel

axe guerilla ad

Axe was always good with advertising... this one is placed next to an exit sign

Yoga center ad on a straw

Superman returns ad

use only what you need

"Use only what you need" from Denver Water


DHL: If it is where it belongs, it was probably delivered by DHL (click for larger view)

dvd rental

DVD Rental company ad in the bathroom of a cinema: "At home, you could have pressed pause"

Heineken ad with the figure of a hand reaching out to the bottle. Beats the regular printed posters.

Holidays: Everyone is going on a Virgin Holiday. Suitcases placed in the hands of statues

Jeep: The 4 door Wrangler is coming. Handle added to a regular Jeep.

Jeep Parking: Painted parking spaces to advertise Jeep's ability to be driven on rough terrain.

Mini: showing the maneuverability and driving fun

Crashed car placed in a parking lot to announce a Monster Trucks show

Volkswagen Polo guerilla campaign: small, but tough.

Have fun: Sex shop advertising on the streets of a city

Slim: same idea, 3 different products: Slim Fast

Pepsi Light

Ulta slim Sony Cyber-shot T1

Quit smoking sticker for cars:

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