Guerrilla in Red Light District Amsterdam

Guerrilla in Red Light District Amsterdam

Red Light District Amsterdam. Always fun. Especially for tourists. Gazing at all the lovely sparsely dressed women bathing in that enchanting red light. Should you or should you not?

I case of hesitation. You shouldn’t. This guerrilla tells why in a very intriguing way. Tells the story about a lot of girls who end up in prostitution.

Not only in Amsterdam. But everywhere in the world.

So you think you will dance? Awareness campaign for Stop The Traffik. Please visit Music by Raveyards.

Cor Hospes is the expert in the Netherlands in the field of guerrilla marketing. He is the founder of Tsjee, an agency specialized in guerrilla marketing, content marketing and impact branding. Cor Hospes wrote also two books about guerrilla marketing. In his first (2007) he came with a modern definition about guerrilla marketing and six clear criteria that a lot of agencies and business copied. In March 2012 his second book about guerrilla marketing appeared. In that book he discusses the impact of social media on guerrilla marketing. He also presents ten guerrilla marketing strategies. In his eyes the ten marketing strategies fur the future. Traditional advertising is dead, he says. Only with unorthodox, meaningful and sympathetic actions you can reach your target audience. With guerrilla you create buzz. What's more effective: an ad that you want to smash in people's faces. Or a story about a guerrilla action that people (online) talk about by themselves. Cor Hospes speaks worldwide about guerrilla marketing. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Cor Hospes speaks regularly on congresses about guerrilla marketing. Read more of his articles at: