Guerrilla Job Hunting: How One Man Got a Job at Jung Von Matt

Sometimes it can seem very difficult to land a job, especially if it’a at an advertising agency where the competition is tough. Often times resumes just sit at the desk unread and endless emails only seem to make it to the HR department. How can one break outside the mold and be noticed? Enter guerrilla job hunting.

Andrew Tyukavkin is a seemingly typical copywriter that made a bold move to be noticed. Andrew decided to think outside of the box and try some off the wall idea. After researching the company website, he was hooked on a singular motto and mantra that Jung von Matt lives by – Good advertisement is like a Trojan horse: it comes as a fancy gift, yet at the end of the day it sells.

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Andrew ended up taking this motto and applying it to his own trojan mailing. He ended up mailing Jean-Remy von Matt’s wife a bouquet of flowers with a card that read:

Hello Jean-Remy.

If my wife received flowers from a stranger, I would also look into the card.

A copywriter wants to work at JvM. The portfolio is at

P.S. Good advertisement is like a trojan horse… :)

Three days later, Andrew received a message from Jean-Remy asking to meet with him…and yes, he got the job.

Copywriters: Andrey Tyukavkin, Jean-Remy von Matt
Additional credits: Natalie von Matt
Published: August 2014

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+