Guerrilla Marketing To Obtain Your Next Job Interview

We were recently contacted by a young man who wanted to use guerrilla marketing tactics to land his interview and ultimately his dream job. Although we tend to feature large guerrilla marketing campaign examples, we felt this was a good example on how someone with a smaller budget can effectively use guerrilla marketing to land their next job. Here is his story:

Hello, my name is Marcus. I am 22 and a recent graduate from Lincoln University (England). I graduated with a degree in Advertising and Business and am now looking for a job in marketing. After leaving University around 12 months ago I sent of many CVs to many different company and the responses were all the same, ‘We are looking for someone with more experience’. After hearing this I decided to do something about it. I advertised myself to companies at a networking meeting. I said I would work for free over 3 months doing marketing to gain some experience. I worked for a great company and I learned so much over those three months.After this I worked assisting in running networking events but after a few months I realised it was not this industry I wanted to be in but I still gained a lot of experience and knowledge from the opportunity.

This then lead me to work for a company co-ordinating a complete re brand of the company as they were moving into new markets. This was an great opportunity for me and I learned  so so much there. Unfortunately after the rebrand there was not enough work for them to employ me. So it left me in the situation I am in now.

I am a graduate with a wide range of experience and a creative outlook. With this is mind I wanted to get this across to my potential employers. I sat myself in their shoes and thought what would I think if I had to keep looking at CV after CV, and I realised I would be very bored and I needed to look at with my marketing head on and market myself effectively.

That is when I came up with the idea of personalising a product that people would enjoy to make my name stand out from everyone else. And hopefully I have done that here. The front has my name on it in the ‘Stella Artois’ and the text ‘A Refreshing Change’ and ‘EST 1988’ (my year of birth).On the reverse it says ‘Marcus Costello Ingredients:’ and lists all my skills and attributes. A best before date of 05/03/78, Brewed in Yorkshire and instead of a alcohol percentage I have edited it so it says 100% effort.

We followed up with Marcus a couple weeks later to hear the results of his campaign. The companies that he sent to bottle to said it was a brilliant idea and got everyone talking in the office. He told us that he has achieved his goal and landed several job interviews.

Do you have a similar story? Let us know by commenting below!

Written by Ryan Lum

Ryan Lum is the founder and editor of Creative Guerrilla Marketing. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Connect with him on LinkedIn,Twitter or Google+


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