Heineken Invited Dreamers to Their Private Island Only to Get the Wake up Call of Their Life

It’s easy to have a dream, and it’s even easier for that dream to remain only a dream. Heineken wanted to inspire a select few individuals by running a contest to win a trip to a magical dream island.

They asked people to tell them their dream that they have never lived for a chance to take a trip to the Heineken dream island. Winners were then treated to a nice vacation to this dream island only to get the wake up call of their life. Vacation goers then stumbled upon a scene in which they saw their dreams fading away. One man saw this bar, in shambles. One couple saw their dream boat rusting away on the beach.

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Someone once said, “the only way not to realize a dream is to abandon it.”

What these people did next is nothing short of inspiring!


Advertising Agency: Publicis Italia
Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini
Associative Creative Director / Copywriter: Michele Picci
Creative Supervisor / Art Director: Marco Viganò
Copywriter: Daniele Papa
Digital Creative Director: Massimo Guerci
Graphic Designers: Giorgio Luchetti, Santi Urso
Account Director: Giada Salerno
Project Manager: Vittorio Cafiero
Strategic Planner: Bela Ziemann
Agency Producer: Giulia Atzori
Heineken Communication Manager Global Commerce: Dario Gargiulo
House of production: Filmmaster Productions
Director: Cecilia Verheyden
Executive Producer & CEO: Ada Bonvini
Producer: Lilli Auteri
Director’s Producer: Tatiana Pierre
Music: The Prize by audiotheque
Event Management Agency: Venticento
CEO Venticento: Antonio Lazzaro
Marketing & Communications Manager Venticento: Gabriella Lazzaro
Account Manager Edelman London: Emily Favret
Associate Director Edelman London: Danielle Heximer
Global Sr. Account Executive SMG London: Juliette Hoijtink
Global Account Manager SMG London: Renee Lee

Written by Ryan Lum

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