Heineken The World Cup Decision

Heineken, as you may or may not remember, made headlines last year for their innovative campaign called The Decision. Well, they’ve recently put out a video cast study of the campaign that’s made us love it all over again. In the campaign, it’s 24 hours before the UEFA Champions League Final and Heineken have gone to a popular bar in Mexico with a beautiful woman to reward Heineken drinkers. Simply, any man drinking Heineken is invited by the woman to watch the final in London with her, leaving right now. There were a few non-believers, a few question askers, and a few desperados up for the challenge of packing, prepping and making the flight before the woman left without them.

Why it Works

The Tone of the Final: Sport has an odd way of making people very passionate, and oddly desperate, which is probably one of the reasons that this Heineken campaign worked so well. It runs on the idea that the final is so close, so in reach and yet at the same time so very far away. What’s a die-hard fan to do when given the opportunity to be there? Well, for the true believers, the answer is grab the opportunity and run with it, quite literally, to the airport.

The Tagline Link: Heineken’s trademarked tagline is “Open Your World” a concept that has lead to a number of pretty interesting advertisements over the years. This isn’t the first time they’ve made use of guerrilla advertising to communicate this, but it certainly is one of the more thrilling. And with the global nature of the campaign, and seamless jump between one country and another, Heineken really are being true to the promises of the brand in a very literal way.

It’s Exciting: What the video case study doesn’t show you of the original campaign, is that almost right up until his airport arrival, there was actually another guy in the running. He too got stuck in traffic, and unlike the winner, wasn’t able to make it to the airport in time. It seemed like he went to catch a train, while the person who won more or less ran all the way to the airport. When the campaign launched, this was exciting for viewers, almost like a mini action movie, complete with grandiose music and an ever shrinking deadline. Heineken obviously wanted this to be the case, as is clear from their attempts to test the dedication to the idea by slowing them down, and in that they have succeeded.

It Could Have Been Anyone: Probably one of the smartest things about this campaign, as it often is with any guerrilla marketing campaign, is that it could have been anybody. All you had to do was be in the right place at the right time, drinking the right drink. To people watching this ad, Heineken became the drink of spontaneous adventure, the beverage you wanted to make your night (and maybe your life) more exciting. Smart move Heineken.


V.P Creative: José Aguilar
Creative Director: Miguel Ottati
V.P. Client Service: Iván Babic
Account director: Rodolfo Martin
Account executive: José Rivas
Planning: Abraham Espinosa
Art Director: Adrián Castañeda
Production Agencia: Christian Martinez
Production Company: Whiskey Films
Director: Diego Luna
Co-Director: Pipe Ybarra
Producer: Salvador De La Fuente
Brand Manager Heineken: Alejandro Berman

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