Hockey Gets Buzz Through Viral Campaigns…Sometimes Unintentionally

Hockey Gets Buzz Through Viral Campaigns…Sometimes Unintentionally

There has been a lot of buzz about the Stanley Cup and the new hockey season ever since someone decided to plant Stanley Cup ice sculpture replicas around Chicago. The reason for it’s viral nature was that it seemed that the sculptures appeared out of thin air and no one could figure out who to point the finger at.

The ice sculptures generated a lot of buzz through twitter feeds and facebook as fans questioned where the sculptures came from. It was a brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign that, as we later discovered, was put on by the Chicago Blackhawks (the defending Stanley Cup Champions) street team.

From Adam Rogowin, director of public relations for the Blackhawks:

Truthfully, it’s not one person, it was a team effort. Our street team, which is a branch of our marketing department, put together a covert operation early this morning, dropping off approximately a dozen of the Stanley Cup ice sculptures around the city in an effort to take a unique approach to mark the start of our season after all of the Cup hysteria this summer.

There were a total of 10. I can’t confirm the company.

Here are a few images of the ice Stanley Cups around Chicago on Thursday morning, beginning with Daley Plaza:

At the corner of Division & Ashland:

And, the same Cup two hours later on a 70-degree day in Chicago:

Thanks Brandon Arnold for some of the pictures.

Although a lot of guerrilla marketing is planned (as well it should be), you’d be surprised how it’s not always the case. There are many times where marketing,well, just happens. Unfortunately, it’s not always good marketing as we can see by some of the examples below.

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On the flip-side, sometimes guerrilla marketing just happens. I recently received an email story from Aurora Marshal from Alberta Mobile Media, a new Mobile Billboard/Mobile Showroom Company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, about an incident where it all just fell into place:

Well my wife and I were out one beautiful September afternoon when I noticed a new Company that was opening a Halloween store later in the week! What caught my attention were two huge yellow cat eyes in the window. I pulled my truck up to the store and parked my Advertising Vehicle when, completely by accident, there were the two huge yellow cat eyes in my picture window!

The long and short of it was that the replica Stanley Cup that I hand made in my living room…was in the huge picture window, prfectly centered between the huge yellow cat eyes. The Caption above the eyes simply read, “Coming Soon.”

The Edmonton Oilers have not made the playoffs for quite some time…with all of the young talent on the 2010 roster, it looks to me as though the Edmonton Oilers may in fact be 2011 Stanley Cup Contenders. Sometimes Guerrilla Marketing happens by accident! – Aurora Marshall, Alberta Mobile Media

Well I hope you enjoyed these little hockey guerrilla marketing examples. Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below and sharing the article!

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