Homeless Fonts Inspire Designers And Helps Get People Off The Street

Wow, what can be said about this incredible new campaign from Homeless Fonts except that their idea is commendable and their execution of that idea is superb. With such an impressive campaign, paired with such an important mission, it is one of those instances where a person can look at advertising as really doing something good in the world. Check it out below.

The Campaign

Homeless people in Spain are given an opportunity to immortalise their handwriting as typefaces in an effort to both bring more awareness to the issue of homelessness and to give these people a project and earning potential to get them out of their current situation. In the video viewers get an insight into the faces, and the stories, behind the handwriting, and a poignant reminder that people all have something to offer, no matter their circumstances.

Beautiful Concept

We might all like to disagree and say that we’re different, but the truth is when we see a cardboard sign held up by a homeless individual we try to look away. It’s hard to consider the lifestyle that they lead, which is so different from our own. This makes them like invisible people sitting in between the layers of our society. The only problem is, because they’re invisible, it’s harder and harder for people to actually help them.

The concept behind Homeless Fonts is that the handwriting of these people can be made visible, and given a price, that makes them as people more valuable to our earning society. Using handwriting is amazing because it is one part of us that, like our fingerprints, is totally unique to our own being and personality. It is in some ways the part of us we’re always sharing with the world, even more so when you’re homeless and trying to connect with someone through a cardboard sign.

Human Connection

Giving a face to homelessness has always been a challenge for charity advertisers, but in the Homeless Fonts campaign they have succeeded not just in giving people living on the street a face, but a story unique to them. The human narrative is a powerful force for both bad and good, but in this situation it has most definitely been used in the right way, and to the right effect. What is particularly good about this campaign is there’s no overwhelming pity, only a dedication to the project that the participants are really proud of.

Technology Changes The Game

It’s funny that something as simple as making homeless handwriting into font can take that which we consider to be of no value (such as a cardboard sign with a plea to help) into something we can use and be a part of. One of the great things about this campaign is that anyone can be involved. You can buy the typefaces at, which come with those stories about the people who created them, and their involvement in the program. Alternatively you can download an app to bring the homeless fonts to your social media. Whatever your involvement, it’s change being made with the help of technology and the ability to spread globally. This is rocking the boat on the complicated issues of homelessness not just in Spain, but hopefully all over the world.

Certainly, we’re interested to see what might happen as the campaign spreads, and hope that it gets all the respect and attention that it deserves.

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