Honda’s Cereal Box Prize Campaign

Remember those days of getting the toy hot wheels car in the cereal box? Well you don’t have to reminisce of those day anymore with the launch of Honda’s new Cereal Box Prize Campaign. Marketing agency, Dare, ran a campaign for the new Honda Civic in British Columbia. This is a very interesting campaign as from the video, you can see the involvement it created with onlookers. It’s all about having the brand reach out to the public. The campaign launched in April where individuals passing by the Vancouver Art Gallery found a giant box of cereal. The prize of the new Honda Civic was busting through.

For more photos of this campaign, you can see the original facebook photo set here.

Here is a user film that demonstrates the viral nature of the campaign:

Advertising Agency: Dare, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Bryan CollinsRob Sweetman
Art Directors: Eric ArnoldMark Mizgala
Copywriter: Jarrod Banadyga
Illustrator: Desmond Montague
Additional credits: Mike Hasinoff, Wendy Moriarty, Giant Ant Media
Published: April 2011

via Adsoftheworld

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  • Extreme John

    Very fun and enjoying to watch. This is another great marketing campaign. Honda have put a lot of effort and in the end results have been awesome.