IKEA Allows Anyone to Book a Kitchen Inside Their Store to Cook an Amazing Family Dinner

IKEA Instead Of Cafe

In the above advertisement by the agency Instinct together with IKEA, we see news reports stating that restaurants in Russia are closing down since people have stopped going out to save money up in Russia. Seeing that restaurants were becoming unaffordable, IKEA decided to launch a unique system called the “Instead Of” Cafe in Moscow and St. Petersberg, to show that home kitchens can easily beat the restaurant experience. Throughout the whole video, they show different news outlets reporting the opening and everyday life of the Instead Of Cafe. The cafe is open to all kinds of occasions from children’s parties to dates and meet-ups with friends. The instructions are simple: if you are interested, you have to choose an IKEA kitchen you like and book it. A woman who booked one said it was very complicated to score a kitchen spot due to high demand. Other people were stating what they were making in the kitchen, such as a pumpkin bake. To show that the advertising project was a success, the video shows photos from Instagram of people in the IKEA kitchens, together with the number of people who got to try them and how many photos they had shared.

IKEA Instead Of Cafe

Success as simple as IKEA furniture

We can clearly see that this was a very successful campaign by the numbers of people who have used the service and shared their experience. While we do not have access to sales data, it is clear that the campaign surely had an effect on IKEA kitchen sales specifically. IKEA is a very big brand, and some may argue that IKEA does not need advertising but just like all other companies it can never stop advertising because otherwise the numbers will drop sooner or later. Marketing – and particularly good marketing – is a must for any major company, just like the best flowers still need water.

An advantage brought by its influence is that since it’s an IKEA ad everyone who sees the campaign knows what it is about. The execution was very straightforward as they clearly made sure that you know which brand it is, and it markets the product nicely. Also, a big plus is the fact that the audience got to use the kitchens, and used the items being marketed. That way they knew what to expect and how will the products work once purchased.

Small stains

The downside is that it’s not really clear from the advertisement how you can choose so many kitchens. The fact that IKEA will build the kitchen for you on the go, in time for your occasion, is also poorly explained.

One debatable mistake is the excerpt of the interview where a customer says it is nearly impossible to make a booking, which is understandable considering the idea is such a novelty, but it still exposes a downside to the public. On the other hand, is it really a downside? Recently marketing teams have been choosing to make things inaccessible instead of accessible, with the mindset that things are meant to be sold out and never meet demand. It is possible that the agency wanted to instigate people to book immediately in order to get a chance to try the “Instead Of” Cafe out.

All in all, this is a great campaign, very thought through, with great execution and as expected of such a known brand like IKEA.


Advertising Agency: Instinct, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Roman Firainer, Yaroslav Orlov, Kolya Fabrika
Art Directors: Anna Kau-Ten-Zhi, Max Demkin, Maria Narykova
Copywriter: Eugenia Babior


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