IKEA Creates DIY Sewing Kit to Create iPad Compatible Gloves

IKEA Creates DIY Sewing Kit to Create iPad Compatible Gloves

IKEA Sewing Kit Creates DIY Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves [Video]

IKEA Norway recently wanted a new and creative way to launch their new iPad version of its catalog. The main problem was that Norwegians loved bundling up due to the cold weather which made it difficult for them to use a touchscreen. With the help of agency SMFB, they introduced a new IKEA product called BERÖRA (which means “to touch”). BERÖRA is a sewing kit with a special conductive thread to sew into a glove or mitten, along with a needle and some familiar IKEA-style instructions. You can sew the thread into the index finder of any glove to make it touchscreen compatible.

12,000 sewing kits were made to promote the launch and they sold out in just two weeks. The IKEA catalog immediately jumped to the #1 position in the appstore and is now the most downloaded IKEA catalog in the world per capita. Check out the campaign video below:

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