Ikea Creates Pop-up Breakfast in Bed Experience

How long has it been since you had breakfast in bed? For us, it has been way too long, which is why this innovative new campaign from Swedish furniture powerhouse IKEA so caught our attention. So sit back, relax, and dive into the snuggliest guerrilla marketing campaign you’ve ever seen.

Breakfast In Bed… Yes Please!

The IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe pop-up store was announced on the IKEA UK facebook page on the 9th of May 2015, and scheduled to run for just two days between the 19th and 20th of May. Despite this short run-time, and indeed with so little marketing prior to the event, it generated a seriously large amount of buzz, with hundreds of comments and shares, and thousands of likes.

The basic premise of the campaign was this: customers could book a space at the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Cafe in either the morning for a breakfast, or in the afternoon for tea and a siesta. They would be hosted in an entirely IKEA setting, and could enjoy the beds and atmosphere for free (only paying for the food they consumed). IKEA provided a ‘pillow menu’ and a wide range of furniture products from their collections.

A Snoring Success

There’s nothing better than a campaign that not only captures our attention, but takes us by surprise. For years, IKEA has been known as the furniture and bedding specialist all over the world, even in those deprived places where the stores have yet to spread. But, in this campaign IKEA is working to take that reputation a step further, making them the go-to name for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in the world of beds. So does it work, and why?

It’s About Association – When we think about IKEA, we’re already thinking about furniture, about style, about bedding, about our houses. But, we aren’t often thinking about why underpins that: our homes, sanctuaries and places of rest. In this campaign, IKEA have effectively moved beyond the realm of bare decorating and purchasing into a state of emotion. By bringing people into a setting where they can associate the positive feelings of having breakfast in bed with IKEA, they are essentially making the company a part of that positivity.

It’s About Experience – Campaigns that are linked with an actual experience always have a stronger impact on customers and those involved. This campaign is a great example of this. Those people who were lucky enough to secure positions at the Breakfast in Bed Cafe are unlikely to soon forget their experiences there, and by association their experiences with IKEA. There’s a kind of magic about the experience of this campaign, really brought home by the all-inclusive setting that IKEA have created, that makes it memorable even for those not directly involved.

It’s About Inspiration – IKEA’s business model is all about inspiring people to decorate better with IKEA products, and this campaign is right in line with that. By setting up a number of bedroom suites, and then putting real people in those suites to experience a relaxing experience of eating their breakfast in bed, IKEA is effectively inspiring customers towards their bedroom products. They have created a space that is atheistically designed as well as conducive to sleeping, while at the same time inspiring customers to create their own IKEA spaces at home.

A pop-up campaign like this one can be a little hit and miss. At its core it requires that spontaneity that can lead to the campaign being ignored or quickly forgotten. In this case, IKEA has walked that thin line with great efficiency, creating a lasting experience for their customers that inspires and brings about a positive new emotional association with the brand.

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