IKEA France Pops Up Apartment In Paris Metro

IKEA France recently ran a social campaign on their Facebook page promoting a unique contest where those who have ‘liked’ their Facebook page can win an evening in their popup IKEA furnished apartment in the Metro Auber station. The apartment will be available on Friday, January 13th and Facebookers have till the 10th to enter the contest.

I thought this was quite a unique pop up campaign that tied well with social buzz. The contest is unique and special to Facebook followers.

The apartment itself will bu up for 6 days and houses 5 people. The idea is to show Parisians how much they can do with only 54 square meters of space.


Life in the spotlight: The apartment fully furnished with IKEA goods and is currently housing five volunteers

Almost ready: The tenants have been living inside the installation since Monday and will remain there until Saturday

Source Marketing Alternatif

Photo credit: IKEA France

Written by Ryan Lum

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