Improv Everywhere Creates Huge Stir with ‘Black Tie Beach’

Although this ploy is not considered Guerrilla Marketing, I felt it is a good example of how to create buzz.

Improv Everywhere is probably best known for being underdressed — you know, riding the subway in their skivvies — but recently the comedy troupe got suited up to go beaching at New York’s Coney Island. And by “suited up,” we don’t mean “in their bathing suits.”

A month ago, Improv Everywhere put out a call via its New York Mailing List for folks willing to dig up some cheap formal wear and kick it at Coney. The result is a rather uplifting video featuring hundreds of volunteers — from babies to elderly folks — surprising and delighting beach-goers attired in (far) skimpier fare.

Makesure to watch the vid all the way to the end, when a bystander expresses his joy at witnessing the stunt. Awesome. The last time I went to Coney Island all I got was an intense desire to get a tetanus shot.


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