Interactive Charity Billboard Accepts Donations On The Spot

Misereor, an organization fighting against poverty and injustice, found out that over 40% of payments made in Europe were done via credit card. This sparked an idea to create an interactive billboard that actually accepted donations via credit card.

The digital poster has a split in the middle that allows individuals to swipe their credit card. Upon doing so, it would activate a video sequence that reacted to the swipe, showing that the donation would help someone in need.

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The billboard aims to solve a very real problem that people can’t visualize where the donation is going towards. For every swipe, a 2 euro donation is made. When the individual receives their credit card statement, the statement message also encouraged them to turn their 2 euro donation to a monthly donation. Clever!

The Social Swipe 1 The Social Swipe 2  The Social Swipe 4

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