An Interactive YouTube Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides

Every story has two sides and love stories are no exception. Wouldn’t you be curious to know what each side thinks during a conversation?

Cornetto has created a campaign of love stories in the form of short films, encouraging the audience to ‘enjoy the ride’ and ‘share the love.’ Except for the specific Facebook Page for the romantic stories, Cornetto has teamed up with MOFILM and A Taste of Space, in order to create a film featuring two high school students that struggle to express their feelings. As with such struggles, each person may think several different things when talking to the other person, and that’s why they decided to tell the story from both sides.

Cornetto - A Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides!

In fact, we don’t just watch the story from the two sides, but we’re actually able to follow it simultaneously, switching from one point of view to the other whenever we want. Thus, a blend of dialogues and monologues deals with everything that is said and what they actually want to say to each other when trying to invite each other to the school’s prom night.

“Two Sides” is an interactive video that lasts 11 minutes and encourages you to use your headphones in order to enjoy the 3D sensation that occurs from the binaural recording that makes the video even more realistic when switching from dialogue to monologue and vice versa. By the time you choose to watch the film from one point of view, you able to switch at any time, simply by clicking on the annotations. Just like that, you get to understand both sides of the developing love story, learning more about each character and their worries.

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Despite some complaints about the length of the film and the constant switching you may need to enjoy both sides at the same time, it is still a very interesting approach that targets a very specific audience, the high school students and young adults that enjoy both the ice cream and the love stories. Cornetto along with MOFILM and A Taste of Space are aware that this audience is very demanding and expects a lot from a film in order to grab their attention, so the trick of interweaving perspectives may be considered successful for an audience with a short attention span.

Cornetto decides to focus on the emotional appeal and the power of storytelling in order to create love stories that are able to move their target audience, with both sides ending with a powerful motivational message:

“If you dare you win”

Cornetto - A Story That Simultaneously Unravels Both Sides!

What did you think of the idea?


Client: Cornetto
Agencies: Mofilm; A Taste of Space
Creative Director: Lorie Jo Trainer Buckingham
Creative Team: James Copeman, Max Ringham
Agency Producers: Rebecca Sykes, Rosalind Wynn
Production Company: ATOS

Written by Tereza Litsa

Social media and content manager, blogging about social media and marketing.

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