The Internet has changed the Way Businesses Reach Their Customers

It’s an undeniable fact; the Internet has changed the way businesses handle marketing and advertising, and it’s changed the way consumers interact with and respond to these efforts. It’s also true that, if businesses don’t join the connected online space, their advertising may suffer.

Today, “more than 90 percent of consumers seek information about products and services online.” That means, that if a business doesn’t have a presence online, they may miss out on a number of potential customers.

Companies that are getting it right

Sometimes companies launch advertising campaigns that do so well in the television space that they pop up online and gain in popularity in a huge way due to views, shares and likes online. This interaction between potential customers and the media is a great way for businesses to reach even more people online.

AT&T’s “It’s not complicated” commercials

Channeling the same simple humor of “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” AT&T launched a series of commercials during the past year that use kids to answer one simple question: Which is better?

Getting back to the basics, AT&T shows how “Bigger. Faster. More” aren’t complicated. They’re just better. Viewers loved the concept and the result, and translated their appreciation for the commercials online.

Which is precisely what AT&T wanted. According to Bluefin Labs via, AT&T’s “It’s not complicated” received more Tweets during one week than any other commercials. Between December 27 and January 2, AT&T received 11.6K Tweets about these funny commercials.

T-Mobile and Bill Hader mashup

T-Mobile has started to realize that one of the best ways to appeal to customers is to tickle their funny bone. To take advantage of this, T-Mobile brought in funny man and SNL member Bill Hader. The commercials appeal to a pretty universal sentiment of smartphone owners: “two years is too long to wait to upgrade your phone.”

Hader’s T-Mobile commercials introduce the “Jump!” program. Hader, in these highly talked about commercials, discovers the woes of continuing with his old cell phone due to his two-year contract. The screen cracks when it’s sat on at a bus stop. He actually tries to get his phone stolen by a would-be mugger.

Verizon on Halloween

This Verizon Internet and wireless commercial may not have viral status (yet) like the AT&T commercials, and they maybe haven’t been talked about as much on news sites as T-Mobile’s commercials. However, it has found some popularity due to its relatable nature and real-world scenario.

The commercial, shared on YouTube, features a family dressed as different Star Wars characters. They use their Verizon services (FiOS and wireless) to find out which candy bars are biggest. They also use Verizon to find out which houses they should avoid – definitely the dentist’s home where the kids will only get floss.

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