Kit Kat Creates Billboard That Doubles As A Bench

The partnership of Google’s Android and Kit Kat has caused a bit of a stir in the marketing world of late. But whether you think it’s a big sellout, or a clever brand cooperation around the launch of a new operating system (called Kit Kat) for the company, they are showcasing some interesting marketing ideas. The “Have A Seat” campaign, which ran in Amsterdam and Utrecht, gives people a chance to win a Nexus 7 just by taking a seat on the specially installed KitKat billboards, and still being there at a specific time.

Did It Work?

In short, yes, the campaign worked and worked very well. There was interest at the initial point, a crowd reaction at the end of the on-the-ground campaign, and a notable reaction from an online readership when the video was released globally. There are a few reasons for this, but the biggest one is definitely company integration. It seems like Android and Kit Kat were made to be together, and this campaign proved it.

The Android Link: Android has always named their operating systems after desserts, their reasoning being that the inclusion of Android in their lives makes them that much sweeter. You have to wonder if the two companies were meant to be, with Android Kit Kat following Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich. Certainly, it was a smart partnership on both sides.

The Kit Kat Link: Kit Kat’s big seller, and tag line, in recent history has always been “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”. This is multi-layered, as obviously you break the Kit Kat bars into pieces, but it works well to align having a Kit Kat with relaxing and spending some time enjoying the little things. Now, Kit Kat have taken on bench advertising before, but by offering more rewards, participants had a lot more motivation to “Win a Nexus 7 the Kit Kat way, by taking a break”.

The Gamble That Works

The potential problem with a campaign like this one is that there are a lot of potential risks. This is true of any time you’re dealing with people, but even more so when there’s something on the line. But, the “Have A Seat” campaign managed this really well, and was able to keep a light hearted kind of tone throughout the entire thing, even though people were out sitting in the rain and giving up an entire day to win the tablet. In fact, they really worked this casual waiting into the heart of the campaign and the Kit Kat tagline, which was a very clever move.

Simplicity Rocks

One of the best things about the “Have A Seat” campaign is how simple it was. Install the bench-billboards and then wait for people to come along and get involved. Even the instructions were just one sentence: The person sitting here at a certain time wins a Nexus 7. That’s it. And to be honest that’s probably why the campaign worked so well. All people had to do was take a seat, have a break, and still be sitting there when the magic Kit Kat man showed up to reward them with a Nexus tablet. Sometimes it really is better to think simple, because when it comes to guerrilla marketing that is often what works best.


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