KLM Unites Amsterdam and New Yorkers With Digital High Five

If you’re a company with a smart marketing agency, there are no limits to what you can do with your campaigns. With the advent of new technologies and new innovations, we’re always interested to see just how companies are taking unusual and unique steps into the future with their marketing. This was exactly our thought when we saw the KLM: Live High Five campaign, which perfectly sums up the new age of guerrilla marketing.

The Campaign

Launched as a part of their World Deal Week marketing strategy, the KLM: Live High Five saw two interactive, HD video and audio installations set up. One was in Amsterdam, the other in New York City. The two were connected so that, in real time, individuals located in both places could participate in a simple game with one outcome: the perfect high five. The prize was two return tickets to either destination from the other. People’s high five efforts were judged by the computer for timing and precision, and when those perfect high fives came about, KLM hostesses were on hand to award participants their enormous tickets to the celebration of the crowd (in both places).

Why Its Clever

Technology has the power to interactively connect people like never before, but it’s airlines that have the ability to physically connect people faster, easier and more effectively than we have ever experienced in the past. By putting these two things together, Eigen Fabrikaat has created a clever, culturally relevant and well-executed idea that literally connected total strangers in a heart-warming way.

The High Five

The great thing that Eigen Fabrikaat and KLM have done in using the high five is they’ve taken a global signal for celebration and success and aligned it positively with the KLM brand. Anyone who has given a high five knows that sometimes they just don’t work out, but when they do the feeling is magnified, an instant panacea for a bad day. Eigen Fabrikaat has seamlessly worked this idea into the KLM: Life High Five campaign with their smart use of technology, and then rewarded those that did the best with an easily associated gift: airfares.

The Sense of Impossibility

In the KLM: Live High Five campaign, Eigen Fabrikaat is really working to create a sense of impossibility and of magic. That feeling, of not being quite sure if something is real, or its really happening to you, is something that KLM have played with in their previous campaigns. These include the KLM: Live Reply, where they recreated twitter responses with 140 KLM employees, and the KLM: Surprise, where they used social networks to get to know their customers and surprise them with random gifts.

For the participants, the feeling of magic is in the KLM: Live High Five from the beginning. Not only are they, in real time, communicating with total strangers in a country far away, they’re also trying to achieve something that seems simple, for a big reward. These kinds of experiences tend to be very memorable, and like a number of KLM’s part campaigns, it looks like the KLM: Live High Five will be a viral success.

KLM Live High-Five 1 KLM Live High-Five 2 KLM Live High-Five 3 KLM Live High-Five 4


Client: KLM Nederland
Agency: Eigen Fabrikaat (DDB Group)
Production company: Minivegas
Music: MassiveMusic

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