LG Telescope Fakes Out Viewers In Funny Prank

LG Telescope All The Colors Of The Universe OLED TV Marketing Campaign

In the video above we see an advertisement for the LG OLED TV. In the beginning of the video, they start talking about how the city pollutes the sky with so much light to the point that we cannot see into space, let alone the stars. To fight this, LG has decided to get a telescope and position it the right way to look at the sky. The interaction starts off with people admiring the images in awe, up until something unusual shows up like an alien or a video game. Here it is finally revealed to the audience that it wasn’t the sky people were looking up to, but rather an LG OLED TV. Those who looked into the telescope were fooled into thinking that it’s the sky when in reality they were looking at a proper high-quality television screen.

LG Telescope All The Colors Of The Universe OLED TV Marketing Campaign

Reality According to LG

The element of surprise is a major player in this marketing campaign. A member of the audience who is caught off-guard is likely to remember the product and the brand better since they stirred their mind. For those who were around when the telescope was being installed, there were a few things that could have given the whole thing away to someone observing carefully.

The campaign was very smart and effective because people love space and we all think about seeing the true night sky, but we don’t manage to do so daily because our cities are filled with light. LG plays on the customers’ pain points, which is a good way to attract people. Keeping the audience in the dark worked well too since it captured their attention while they were trying to figure out what was going on when the alien or the video game showed up.

The Product Prevails

In the end, people get to see the amazing quality which the LG OLED television comes up, and they experience this first-hand as they look into the screen through the telescope to see an image of the night sky as it actually is. The campaign is great as it shows what the product is, it brings enough logos around and it actually ends up using the product directly which allows the people to see why exactly they should buy it.


Advertising Agency: Oqo Publicidad, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Felipe Plaza
Art Director: Ignacio Gamboa
Copywriters: Ignacio Escobar, Patricio Peña
Illustrator: Jorge Donoso
Production: Globo Films
Published: December 2015


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