Local Celebrity Paul “The Chair” Plays Chairs in Marketing Effort

Getting a local celebrity could do wonders for your next campaign. Advertising agency, JWT Warsaw, Poland, focused in on Paul “The Chair” who has become a local celebrity by playing chairs in front of the Metro Centrum station for 7 years. In hopes to generate buzz around IKEA Chairs, they took Paul to the local IKEA and had him test several products out on the street, even letting individuals passing by play the chairs. At the end of the day, the agency placed stickers on the various chairs that was deemed “The Chair” worthy.

Advertising Agency: JWT Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Mariusz Pitura
Senior Art Director: Michal Sek
Copywriter: Radek Dudzic
Account Executive: Gaweł Podwysocki
Film Studio: Zielony Pomidor
Cameraman: Alexandre Jacquat
Editing: Adrian Szczepanik
Producer: Marcin Łunkiewicz
Head of Production: Magda BÅ‚ocian
Published: March 2011


Written by Ryan Lum

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