Manhattan Bridge Comes Alive with 3D Projection Mapping

As Above – So Below is a video mapping projection installation, conceived and created by a group of six artists, John Ensor Parker, Simon Anaya, Farkas Fulop, Johnny Moreno, Richard Jochum, & Ryan Uzilevsky. With significant sponsorship from visual production company Senovva, the artists developed a multi-perspective 3D installation that spans a nearly 30,000 square feet canvas on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage in Brooklyn.

Creation of the piece incorporates green screen film shoots, Kinect 3D scanning, stop-motion animation, computer modeling and a host of visual effect programs.

The whole project took about 4 months from concept to the actual showing. In order to produce this 3D projection, the team used sixteen 12,000 lumen projectors in the archway and three 35,000 lumen christies at the exterior face. The overall showing got really good reactions.

“Reactions were really more than expected. People even came back for a second night. there were people laying down in the archway for hours too. Really a great reaction and solidified to me that large scale projection mapping is one of the most powerful forms of art.” – John Ensor Parker

This is a really interesting 3D Projection mapping example for several reasons. What made it really unique was the fact it wasn’t on just one surface. It was on the face of the bridge as well as inside. This allows onlookers to actually walk inside the installation and it becomes something completely different.

Another aspect of this example that made it successful was that it first outlined the actual canvas prior to molding it and really expanding on the possibilities. Often times we see a 3D projection ignore the underlaying architecture and it is seen as a blank canvas.

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