McDonald’s Accepts Cans As Currency For Food In Stockholm

Summer in Stockholm is a time where a lot of young folk spend outdoors at parks and music festivals. It’s unfortunate that during this time, there is a lot of trash and litter. McDonald’s with the help of DDB Stockholm created a campaign to help encourage individuals to pick up their cans for recycling in exchange for a free meal at McDonald’s.

DDB Stockholm created a unique billboard that housed a trash bag dispenser that encouraged people to pick up their cans in exchange for a hamburger, cheeseburger or a Big Mac. Each bag contained an exchange rate of sorts that explained that 10 cans could be redeemed for a hamburger, 20 cans for a cheeseburger, and 40 cans for a Big Mac.

It’s a great campaign that helps  hungry people in need and also encourages people to pick up litter and recycle more.

[ via Design Taxi ]

Written by Ryan Lum

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