McDonald’s Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving

McDonald’s was determined on March 24th to spread smiles throughout 24 cities all over the world and Bucharest was also part of their large imlovinit24 campaign. The so called “Joy Maze” appeared in Piata Revolutiei (Revolution Square) with McDonald’s impressing from the concept up to the implementation of their idea.

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It was 15.00 in Bucharest when citizens passing by the square were intrigued to explore the colourful maze, which turned out to be an experience full of fun, smile, surprises and gifts! McDonald’s was already teasing about it through their Romanian Facebook page, but nobody even imagined what they’d explore! Everyone that was willing to try out the joy maze enjoyed indeed moments of joy, while playing and sharing their experience. Every turn in the maze was a new surprise, since it consisted of boxes with hidden objects that waited for the participants to guess them, distorting mirrors, a surprise appearance by an opera soprano, while Ronald McDonald was waiting for everyone at the end of the maze, ready to take photos with them inviting them to spread a word online.

Every moment was a new reason to smile, which was the actual purpose of the campaign, to provide an excuse for every single person to have a great time. What made the Romanian campaign even more interesting was the fact that it was the kick off to their celebration of their 20-year-old presence in Romania, which was an additional motivation to spread moments of joy.

Joy Maze

McDonald’s was looking for a unique experience that allowed everyone to feel happy, surprised, excited, challenged, combining all these feelings in a colourful maze that was giving out gift coupons. There was no age limit for fun and even the grumpiest person left with a wide smile, along with an exposure to the bigger McDonald’s campaign.

#Imlovingit24 was an idea by McDonald’s and the advertising agency TBWA in order to expand the brand’s reach in 24 cities all over the world in just 24 hours. On March 24th every city that was part of the campaign found a surprise by the global brand, including a concert, a photo booth, a pyjama party, and even a jingle bench! They tried to create unforgettable experiences, which turned into viral content and reached a global audience that expanded way beyond these 24 cities.

McDonald’s heavily relied in experiential marketing, targeting a wide audience, from kids to older ages, using their creativity as much as possible, hoping to improve their reach in an exciting way, increasing the brand’s presence and eventually their sales. As it seems, it turned out to be a very successful idea, with every local campaign leading to hundreds and thousands of social mentions, all full of excitement for the unique moments everyone lived.

The concept of experiential marketing refers to the marketing of a brand in a way that is truly appreciated by the targeted audience, with not a necessarily direct promotion, but through a fun and interesting experience that allows the audience to actually remember the brand even more.

Bucharest definitely had an unforgettable day with the Joy Maze, with the proof being on their social memories!

For more photos and videos from Bucharest, have a look at their Tumblr site:

Advertising Agency: TBWA

McDonald's Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving

McDonald's Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving McDonald's Bucharest Joy Maze Will Get You Moving

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