McDonald’s Interactive Gaming Billboard

McDonalds Interactive Gaming Billboard Guerrilla Marketing Photo

DDB Stockholm recently ran a cool interactive billboard for McDonald’s that allows people a game of pong with their smartphones using app-free geolocation technology. Users in the general area have the ability to log on to the website and control the billboard. Players who last for more than 30 seconds win McDonald’s coupons. This campaign is very similar to the other DDB digital billboard campaign they did for McDonalds.

It’s refreshing to see marketing ideas that really “engage customers,” says Brian Osborne at Yes, “hats off to McDonald’s,” says Niall Harbison at The Next Web, for creating one of the most “interactive and engaging” marketing campaigns “that we’ve seen in a long time.” But getting more customers into McDonald’s may not be a good thing, says Amar Toor at Engadget. Congrats, gamers. You get a “free, lipid-drenched” treat that puts you “one step closer to that coronary you’ve always wanted.”  [via theweek]

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