McDonald’s surprises Poland with Jingle Bench

It was March 24th when McDonald’s launched their ambitious global campaign “Moments of Joy”, spreading 24 gifts of joy in 24 cities, as part of the bigger #imlovinit campaign. Every city experienced a different surprise through the day, with Warsaw discovering a music bench.

It was just after 6 am in Warsaw when the first people realised that their usual bus stop was full of colors, producing musical notes on each seat. McDonald’s goal was to let people play with the musical bench, trying to reproduce the sound of their theme song, with the winners receiving a coupon for 5 extra value meals.

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The slogan was ‘Because it tastes best when you play together’ and it seems that they managed to spread moments of joy through their idea, while promoting their product. People of all ages stopped by the bench during the day, turning their initial surprise into moments of joy, playing with the seats and ultimately winning a coupon. It was not the actual prize that created the excitement, but the fun of the process, the smiles brought on people’s faces and of course the coupon that served as a reward for their time spent.

McDonald’s decided to turn to experiential marketing in order to boost their brand’s presence targeting a younger audience that appreciates the power of the unique experience, valuing everything that manages to capture their precious attention. Marketing is changing and McDonald’s is trying to adjust, with “Moments of Joy” turning into a success.

The proof of this success is the total number of 40,000 #imlovinit mentions for the campaign, which even led to a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

The campaign launched along with the advertising agency TBWA and was part of a bigger effort to redefine themselves, introducing a new form of marketing to their audience.

For more photos and videos from Warsaw, have a look at their Tumblr site:

McDonalds Jingle Bench

Written by Tereza Litsa

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