Microsoft Freezing Windows 7 Phone Guerrilla Marketing

Microsoft Freezing Windows 7 Phone Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Photo

Microsoft recently promoted their new Windows 7 phone with a guerrilla marketing campaign based in Paris. The Windows 7 phone could be found in blocks of ice around the city of Paris.

Marketing representatives handed out flyers to random people on the street to help promote the launch. The flyer had a unique barcode that would be scanned to see if they won the new phone. Although most gifts and prizes would be wrapped in a traditional gift box, they decided to give the winner the phone which was placed in a block of ice. This ended up being a great way to build buzz and generate a crowd as the winner would have to think of a cleaver way to break the ice. As you can see in the video, some used hammers while others used street fixtures.

Lost Planet 2 Ice Drop Example

Another example of ice block marketing can be seen in the more popular Lost Planet ‘un-boxing’. Although the real question would be how effective is this? Did the viral nature truely have a magnifying effect?

More information of the release can be found here.

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