Mini Gives Cars a Makeover in Turkey [Video]

Mini Gives Cars a Makeover in Turkey [Video]

Japonlar, a guerrilla marketing agency based in Turkey, recently did a guerrilla campaign for Mini Cooper in which the agency covered cars of the street with a cover that looked like the Mini Cooper.

Mini has done some very creative and unique guerrilla marketing campaigns in the past which goes to show that even larger companies can utilize this unconventional marketing strategy to help their brand.

So the question remains. How would you feel if you came back to your car to see it has been covered? Let us know by commenting below!

Film by El Turco Digital / TR
Music by Junky XL / NL

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  • Ge

    They should have filmed the reactions..that’s what makes the video.

  • Susana King

    Agree ! No reactions, half the fun lost !!

  • Susana King

    No reactions ? Half the fun lost !! #MarketerosNocturnos 

  • MO